Definition of from A to Z in English:

from A to Z


  • Over the entire range; completely.

    ‘make sure you understand the subject from A to Z’
    • ‘The person has to fit from A to Z or else they're just not wanted.’
    • ‘Going through your list of accounts from A to Z won't really work.’
    • ‘If everything is explained to us, from A to Z, then even an idiot can grasp it.’
    • ‘If you complete all the steps from A to Z, the mission is a success.’
    • ‘Most of my work has been in the comedy genre, so it's a dream role to get a chance to play a character that has a trajectory from A to Z.’
    • ‘They could argue about who was smarter, who the teachers liked best, anything from A to Z they could argue about.’
    • ‘They moved in with a heavy barrage of speculation from A to Z.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be something I'd have to take from A to Z, point-by-point, and argue and describe.’
    • ‘The process moves from A to Z without cutting corners.’
    • ‘Instead, the opposition wants an independent committee to oversee the election from A to Z.’