Definition of frogmouth in English:



  • A nocturnal bird resembling a nightjar, occurring in SE Asia and Australasia.

    Family Podargidae: two genera and several species

    • ‘I'm studying my field guide every day and trying to imagine what a gerygone sounds like, what a treeswift looks like, whether I'll see a frogmouth, and so many other things.’
    • ‘Birds in this family are also known, unflatteringly, as oilbirds, frogmouths, and goatsuckers, the last based on an old myth that these birds use their expansive maws to steal milk from goats.’
    • ‘It was on the first of such voyages in 1979 that he located the Ceylon frogmouth, a bird that had not been spotted for about 40 years.’
    • ‘He's sent in this photo of the frogmouths and says, ‘They are trying hard to look like tree branches.’’
    • ‘Our sample is deficient in species that would have allowed us to assess the uncertain relationships between owls and frogmouths and their allies (Caprimulgiformes ).’