Definition of frogman in English:



  • A person who swims under water wearing a rubber suit, flippers, and an oxygen supply.

    ‘an experienced police frogman’
    • ‘Today a police spokesman said frogmen who had recovered the body and conducted an underwater search for clues, had finished their work, with the remainder of the search taking place on land.’
    • ‘They're sending frogmen into the lake to look for the attack weapon.’
    • ‘Panerai first made wristwatches in 1938 for the Italian navy's frogmen commandos.’
    • ‘The leatherback frogmen of the NYPD Scuba Squad patrol a hellish world beyond noir, where body parts abound, the water's filthy, and mob victims wear concrete shoes.’
    • ‘The popular image of SEALs is as frogmen, stealthy Navy commandos who operate from the sea.’
    • ‘You're seen shots of guards and soldiers, and gunboats and frogmen patrolling the harbors.’
    • ‘Back in those days, technology wasn't what it is now, so they put a frogman beneath me in my lane.’
    • ‘The navy profited from the indifferent performance of the Italian navy, though Italian frogmen performed some notable feats of courage.’
    • ‘Their sleek build enabled them to sail under large vessels so that frogmen could plant limpet mines on their hulls.’
    • ‘The disappearance sparked a huge search involving police frogmen and dog section, and a helicopter from West Yorkshire Police.’
    • ‘Beck enlisted in 1963 and served as a frogman and Navy intelligence officer in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘Civilian frogmen from Furness began a search almost immediately and a salvage team was called from Barrow.’
    • ‘And teams of frogmen are inspecting every vessel allowed into the harbour.’
    • ‘The islet is a training base for Chinese military frogmen.’
    • ‘He'd obviously got it into his head that ‘dress to thrill ‘had something to do with James Bond and was therefore stepping out of his car, with a rather pleased expression on his face, in a full frogman's outfit.’
    • ‘Police boats and frogmen were patrolling the harbour, and a no-fly zone was declared over the venue and a hotel where the Chinese president is staying during his 24-hour visit.’
    • ‘Sniffer dogs and police frogmen scoured areas around the Hong Kong Convention Center, the venue for today's celebrations, and police sealed part of the area along the famous Victoria Harbour.’
    • ‘A desperate police search, involving underwater frogmen and mounted police officers, was launched but no trace of the teenager was found until his body finally surfaced 12 days later, close to the spot where he fell in.’
    • ‘Among the more unusual responses, one boy said he wanted to be a frogman and another wanted to be a building contractor, to make money.’
    • ‘He's also a qualified frogman, a Cobra helicopter attack pilot and a free-fall parachutist.’