Definition of froghopper in English:



  • A jumping, plant-sucking bug, the larva of which produces cuckoo spit.

    Family Cercopidae, suborder Homoptera: several genera

    Also called spittlebug
    • ‘Spittlebugs, or froghoppers, are easily identified by the frothy, white foam that protects them from predators.’
    • ‘Philaenus spumarius, commonly known as a froghopper or spittle bug, is a mere 0.2 inches long, but employs a novel catapult mechanism to launch itself upwards of 28 inches into the air.’
    • ‘The tiny spittlebug, or froghopper, leaped into the scientific spotlight in a July 2003 issue of the journal Nature.’
    • ‘Keep an eye out for cuckoo spit, a globule of froth that conceals the tiny froghopper, easily squashed between thumb and finger.’
    • ‘The fungus has been successfully used for froghopper, grasshoppers and other pests of agricultural importance.’