Definition of frites in English:


plural noun

  • short for pommes frites
    • ‘Bittman's list is not exhaustive, perhaps due to the simple fact that some of the following do not have frites, but other venerable potato replacements instead.’
    • ‘The frites are crispy, hot out of the fryer.’
    • ‘Indeed, street food in Belgium means frites sold from stands or handcarts, served in paper cones with the obligatory mayonnaise, Béarnaise or even curry sauce for dipping.’
    • ‘I have to say, though, that the quality of frites in Calgary has skyrocketed.’
    • ‘In the heart of the EU, 30 euros will be enough for a good lunch of mussels and frites and beer.’
    • ‘One of my buddies chose the asparagus and wild mushroom risotto, the other picked the grilled bavette steak and frites.’
    • ‘Pliant - not crunchy - and dusted in black pepper and sea salt, the divergent frites make a dashing combo.’
    • ‘We can do vegetables, grilled fish with no oil, or steak frites without frites.’
    • ‘Chef Walzog turns up his nose at simple frites.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I only ate about a third of the frites that came with it, and finishing the burger actually turned out to be a struggle.’
    • ‘I met Brent at the station and we wandered down to the church stuffing our faces with frites.’
    • ‘Many of the tables are filled with whole families gobbling down the plates of frites.’
    • ‘It's much more work than tossing a piece of meat on the grill and serving it with some frites.’
    • ‘Steak is as bland as frites are golden and robust.’
    • ‘I am a little sad today, but it's nothing a good pile of frites can't cure.’
    • ‘Wine, steak, and frites all, Barthes proposes, signify Frenchness.’
    • ‘The steak sandwich was well prepared, rare and tender, but the accompanying frites weren't as good as I'd hoped.’
    • ‘Greg, Bren and I flung the frisbee around the park for a while, went for a short stroll, and then headed to Café Rouge for coffee and frites, where we were joined by Arron.’
    • ‘Much later, we floated down the street for a dinner deal: the bar menu at Rustique Bistro, featuring tasty $3 frites and a $12 grilled steak sandwich.’
    • ‘The truffle oil was a nice touch, but the shredded asiago was dry and cold, and the frites weren't well-salted.’