Definition of frit fly in English:

frit fly


  • A very small black fly whose larvae are a serious pest of cereal crops and maize.

    Oscinella frit, family Chloropidae

    • ‘The development of this species is longer than that of the oat frit fly and occasionally, there is no generation on the ears.’
    • ‘The former curator is working on the ecology and systematics of leaf miner flies and frit flies which develop in plant tissue.’
    • ‘Insecticide treatment may be applied together with fungicide treatment, which protects corn against frit flies, bluebottle files and corn smut.’
    • ‘Autumn sown grass is occasionally attacked by the stem-boring maggots of frit flies.’
    • ‘Injuries caused by frit fly larvae were satisfactorily controlled with insecticides applied as a seed dressing.’
    • ‘My eye gnats could have been any one of a number of tiny insects called frit flies, most of which live in moist grassy areas.’
    • ‘In established grasses the normal result of frit fly attack is the loss of tillers which can be replaced.’
    • ‘Some pests for which such prognoses are made regularly are birdcherry aphids, frit flies and eyespot in cereals and sclerotinia disease in spring oilseeds.’
    • ‘Adult frit flies are black with small yellow markings on the legs.’
    • ‘Larval frit flies can be a serious pest of bentgrass, because their feeding causes yellowing and death of the central leaf.’
    • ‘There are several species of frit flies that attack turf grasses and most of these are found throughout the United States.’
    • ‘If you want to assess the likely frit fly situation on your farm then you can download a frit fly Risk Assessment Chart by clicking the frit fly link below.’


Late 19th century: from Latin frit ‘particle on an ear of corn’.