Definition of frilling in English:



mass noun
  • Material for frills; frills collectively.

    • ‘So she sat, corpse-like, as we played at cards; the frillings and trimmings on her bridal dress looking like earthy paper.’
    • ‘Also, Katherine issued a regulation forbidding frillings longer than two inches and high coiffeurs decorated with feathers.’
    • ‘Pick the color fabric that you choose, the type of frillings needed, and the types of handles wanted, and send your choices to us.’
    • ‘She relished the extravagant fashions of bustles and waterfall backs, and flounced edges on her skirts and frillings on her boots even though these were disfigured by mud during London's frequently rainy days.’
    • ‘She seems to return to the gallantry of the eighteenth century, a time where eroticism was hidden in frillings and many layers.’
    • ‘Many a hungry mouth can be fed from the leavings of the sumptuous tables of the rich and many a naked body can be clothed from the superfluous frillings and trimmings of their fine raiments.’
    • ‘Nothing compares to the sight of a lady's face fully framed in adorable single or double lace edged frillings.’
    • ‘Women removed tawny coats with their sharp furry frillings and set them in neat but un-fussy piles by the carved umbrella stand.’
    • ‘Some very pretty specimens have cambric motifs embroidered in coloured ribbon work, and muslin, embroidery, and lace edged with frillings of all kinds are used.’
    • ‘The brothers responded, switching production to narrow frillings, to Victorian silk commemoratives and latterly to woven labels with which garment manufacturers could identify their products.’