Definition of fright wig in English:

fright wig


  • A wig with the hair arranged standing up or sticking out, as worn by a clown or similar performer.

    • ‘By the final series, completed the year before his unexpected death from a botched gall bladder operation, his cheeks are sinking, his features overpowered by a gleaming white nylon fright wig.’
    • ‘Before he can figure out what's happening, a bunch of albinos in white tunics and cream-colored fright wigs start shooting arrows at him.’
    • ‘And it is a great performance by Lee, who should seem comical and ridiculous in his fright wig and kilt, but doesn't.’
    • ‘During the performance in which the four minstrels first stumble on their winning formula, their makeup, in addition to burnt-cork skin, features enormous mouths and three-pointed fright wigs.’
    • ‘For my Mr. H costume, I dug a cheap black fright wig out of the family toybox, shaking out some of the dust bunnies.’
    • ‘At any rate, they will probably be wearing fright wigs, rubber noses, and big floppy shoes.’
    • ‘Get yourself a fright wig and a funny nose, Tiny.’
    • ‘Jonah adjusted his black fright wig, squinted into the mirror and sighed.’
    • ‘True, he didn't shoot anybody back then and he hadn't worn fright wigs as a teenager, but he also never took a class with me or anybody I knew.’
    • ‘The sight of him dangling from the machinery with his fright wig and his oversized shoes is at once savagely comic and deeply shocking.’
    • ‘The initial altercation was between a Shriner and a Minneapolis attorney who wore a bright orange fright wig and a polka-dot bow tie.’
    • ‘Couple that with a blond fright wig that can be found in the Halloween clearance aisle of Walgreen's and you've got yourself an award winning photo.’
    • ‘My wife was positively gruesome with a witch outfit, long knobby nose, cackling laugh, a fright wig and blackened teeth.’
    • ‘Whether Lyle uses a grotesque blond fright wig, a mock bridal veil, or white face paint, these devices enable him to realize the value of one symbol while balancing it with its opposite.’
    • ‘I mean, how many times can you stand watching grown men and women in fright wigs doing aerobics?’
    • ‘In Romania, I got to see a man play two saxophones at once, here I got to see orchestral players wear fright wigs and give each other high fives.’
    • ‘Amy is this beautiful girl, but she'd as soon wear goofy teeth and fright wigs.’
    • ‘She speaks eloquently of the differences, and notes that admission to the world of floppy shoes and fright wigs is based on more than just an understanding of physical comedy.’
    • ‘Also appearing at the free event are Seventies glam rockers T-Rex, featuring original members Paul Fenton and Alan Silson from Smokie, who are set to play their first gig in the area since the decade of platform shoes and fright wigs.’
    • ‘Did you ever hear the story about why Dick's fright wig was only the back half of a wig?’


fright wig