Definition of friendless in English:



  • Having no friends; alone:

    ‘they have been left virtually friendless’
    • ‘I nodded, accepting my fate as a friendless outcast.’
    • ‘As I was friendless and alone this weekend, I resorted to my own entertainment.’
    • ‘Isolated, friendless, Glover does what any lonely young man might do: he befriends a group of rats in his basement.’
    • ‘She said that at school she had made friendship bracelets for six girls she wanted to be her friends, but all six had returned them - she felt friendless and alone.’
    • ‘They have migrated from the villages and lead lonely, friendless lives.’
    alone, all alone, by oneself, solitary, with no ties, unattached, single, lone, isolated
    without friends, companionless, unbefriended, unpopular, unwanted, unloved, uncared-for, abandoned, deserted, rejected, forsaken, outcast, shunned, spurned
    lonely, with no one to turn to, forlorn, desolate
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