Definition of Friday in English:



  • The day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday.

    ‘he was arrested on Friday’
    ‘the previous Friday’
    ‘the cleaning woman came on Fridays’
    as modifier ‘Friday evening’
    • ‘On Friday in Los Angeles frantic efforts were underway to try to reverse the decision.’
    • ‘There's a quiz night on Thursdays, karaoke on Fridays and a resident DJ on Saturday nights.’
    • ‘It will be open for coffee, snacks and light lunches during the day and for light evening meals on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘They have also agreed not to work on Saturdays or Fridays to avoid clashing with market day and the main shopping rush.’
    • ‘They recommended that the longer opening hours should only be restricted to Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘The three day festival kicked off on Friday evening, and drew to a close on Sunday evening.’
    • ‘Eighteen months ago the same thing happened to me at tea time on a Friday evening.’
    • ‘On Friday night there was a funny moment when a girl who was new to that circle was asked where she worked.’
    • ‘The art is on display and available to buy at both the lunch on Friday and the ball on Saturday evening.’
    • ‘I went along to Waverley station on Friday evening, and spoke to a very helpful chap.’
    • ‘On Friday, we had a meeting to determine how much longer the thing was going to take.’
    • ‘On Friday attention focused on the five people seen in the area police wanted to trace.’
    • ‘On Friday morning the cell door opened and they were led out into the approach corridor.’
    • ‘On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, they always showed cowboy movies.’
    • ‘Mr Smythe, who runs the stall with his wife, Sue, operates at the market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘Last Friday evening six youths from Melksham were removed from the park by police.’
    • ‘On Friday police said they would not identify her until her next of kin had been informed.’
    • ‘On Friday night Marissa is having a formal party just after your father gets home.’
    • ‘The weekend seemed to start on Friday afternoon and continue until well into Monday.’
    • ‘On Friday night I was an emotional wreck and needed to sort out a lot of stuff in my head.’


North American
  • 1On Friday.

    ‘we'll try again Friday’
    • ‘Last Friday he died instantly from colossal injuries when he crashed to the ground.’
    • ‘Last Friday she told this newspaper she hoped things would be different this time.’
    1. 1.1 On Fridays; each Friday.
      ‘he goes there Fridays’
      • ‘They arrived on a Saturday afternoon, with Ben, because Fridays they take him overnight.’
      • ‘It's a pain because the only day I can get in is a Monday, and Mondays and Fridays they are closed.’


Old English Frīgedæg ‘day of Frigga’, named after the Germanic goddess Frigga, wife of the supreme god Odin and goddess of married love; translation of late Latin Veneris dies ‘day of Venus’, Frigga being equated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Compare with Dutch vrijdag and German Freitag.