Definition of frictionless in English:



  • 1Not impeded by or creating friction; smooth.

    ‘a compass needs to have a lightweight magnet and a frictionless bearing’
    • ‘No, they won't be levitating off the ground, and no, they won't be frictionless, but they may be significantly more efficient than existing windmills.’
    • ‘Users of standard mouse pads will love this mat and all the benefits to accuracy and effortlessness it affords you from its near frictionless surface.’
    • ‘He did not analyse frictionless uniform motion because such motion is not seen in the world.’
    • ‘By lubricating the working surface at the beginning of each experimental session, displacement of the stylus was near frictionless.’
    • ‘The substitution of the nearly frictionless carbon coatings for chemical lubricants is ‘a great opportunity to solve these problems,’ Erdemir said.’
    • ‘As Newtonian physics grew there appeared the notions of frictionless surfaces, ideal gases, perfect conductors of electricity, inelastic collisions, perfect insulators, perfect spheres, and so on.’
    • ‘Within the cells of our bodies, fluids flow rapidly through miniscule, nearly frictionless, protein channels.’
    • ‘It's a frictionless surface, almost frictionless.’
    • ‘An environment without people is even more abstract and meaningless than the ideal frictionless surface beloved of physicists.’
    • ‘The 'float on water' technique is an easy way to create a nearly frictionless bearing.’
    • ‘The pleural surface seems to provide the optimal mechanism for smooth and frictionless movement of the lungs.’
    • ‘Classical science formulated basic laws of nature upon exceptionally simple systems, such as the motion of the Earth around the sun or a frictionless pendulum.’
    • ‘The underlying bone is spongy too resulting in a smooth frictionless joint.’
    • ‘Bjerknes discovered analogies between the way bodies could move through a frictionless fluid and certain electromagnetic effects.’
    • ‘The seamless transit of the outer atmosphere, made possible by a virtually frictionless energy shield, passed within a few minutes.’
    • ‘And this not-round body is put in contact with a floor that is as far from the physics books' frictionless plane as can be - a collection of warped and uneven floorboards, all gaps and snags.’
    • ‘He strokes her arm, this time not tickling her, but marveling at the smooth, almost frictionless feeling.’
    • ‘A common analogy of consolidation is that of a frictionless piston pushing against a spring in a cylinder full of water.’
    steady, regular, rhythmic, uninterrupted, unbroken, flowing, fluid, fluent
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    1. 1.1 Achieved with or involving little difficulty; effortless.
      ‘a frictionless payment solution’
      • ‘The market and the authorities have combined to assure the virtually frictionless conversion of Treasuries into payment money (checking accounts or federal funds) on demand.’
      • ‘The relentless, frictionless bonhomie can be a little grating.’
      • ‘I hope somebody will challenge him on how musicians make a living when copying is frictionless.’
      • ‘They promised to bring buyers and sellers together in a frictionless electronic market, making it easy for companies to find customers, and for customers to find greater choice.’
      • ‘According to Slavoj Zizek, cyber-space can be characterized by "the frictionless flow of images."’
      • ‘Automatic financial transactions are facilitated by this secure environment through the automated electronic verification of the identity of the consumer, which enables frictionless electronic commerce.’
      • ‘It also nudges driving just that little bit closer to the disquietingly frictionless experience of automated banking.’
      • ‘The saga reminds us that there's no such thing as frictionless entrepreneurship.’
      • ‘There is much talk of the frictionless education market, where students anywhere are able to engage in classes that suit them.’
      • ‘This would create a frictionless economy in which all greedy, inefficient middlemen would be effectively cut out of the action.’
      • ‘People talk about a frictionless commerce, but the information glut has made human inattention the friction in commerce.’
      • ‘By using frictionless provisioning, service providers can help ensure customer satisfaction while reducing costs.’
      • ‘Five years back, business dreamed of the efficient nirvana implied by frictionless commerce.’
      • ‘Bring many buyers and sellers together, and use the tools of e-commerce to let them trade in a nearly frictionless manner.’
      • ‘Where do the professions fit in a future depicted as a globalizing march toward a frictionless capitalism based upon information and communications technology?’
      • ‘We aim to help the company achieve a frictionless supply chain.’
      • ‘Once a supplier joins the network, its inventory and shipping systems are directly integrated with Escalate's systems to create a frictionless end-to-end transaction.’
      • ‘Like a lot of multinationals, they'd like to be weightless and frictionless, disregarding national laws (but not copyright enforcement).’