Definition of frictional unemployment in English:

frictional unemployment


mass nounEconomics
  • The unemployment which exists in any economy due to people being in the process of moving from one job to another.

    • ‘If there is an inefficient excess of frictional unemployment, it should be reduced by policies that change search behavior and improve the effectiveness of job markets.’
    • ‘With unemployment at 4.4% of the available workforce, the country is scarcely above what economists term ‘frictional unemployment’.’
    • ‘If unemployment was previously kept to zero by forcing everyone to keep a job even if they didn't want it, it should rise, even in a madly growing economy, as frictional unemployment is allowed to grow to its natural rate.’
    • ‘But how can we find out whether the U.S. economy has too much, too little, or the right amount of frictional unemployment?’
    • ‘There is likely to be some frictional unemployment even when there is technically full employment, because most people change jobs from time to time.’