Definition of frictional in English:



  • Of or produced by the action of one surface or object rubbing against or moving over another.

    ‘frictional drag’
    • ‘Do not add a finish, as it may adversely affect the frictional properties.’
    • ‘This denser atmosphere means that the frictional force is greater, so its slows down more quickly, so the orbit decays more quickly.’
    • ‘The pelvic fins are small and far behind the center of gravity, while the pectoral fins are too large to minimize frictional drag.’
    • ‘Of course due to frictional losses, from things like resistance in your apparatus, you would actually end up using up more energy to get the hydrogen than you would gain from using it as a fuel source.’
    • ‘In mechanical systems, there is always a certain amount of energy lost as heat due to frictional processes and inelastic collisions between moving parts.’
    • ‘The standard frictional force law makes sense only if the two surfaces are identical crystals, fitting together at the atomic level like a pair of gears.’
    • ‘Many systems, located on different parts of the body, involve surfaces with particular frictional properties.’
    • ‘The horribly complex equations cover two pages, with factors including angular momentum, frictional force, angular velocity, axis of symmetry and gyroscopic balance.’
    • ‘Convergence also results from frictional effects at the surface.’
    • ‘It also warned the user to avoid ‘generation of electrical, frictional, or electrode static sparks which can constitute an ignition source’.’
    • ‘The direction of the frictional force always opposes the direction of motion.’
    • ‘Students might enjoy researching some of the ways in which frictional forces are minimized in such sports.’
    • ‘Their removal may also be hampered by the amount of force required to overcome the initial frictional inertia between the glass and the cork.’
    • ‘Air resistance is a type of frictional force and it is worth considering some general points about friction first.’
    • ‘This is a result of a decrease in frictional drag due to removal of body hair.’
    • ‘It would be nice for the students to discover the actual factors and how they effect frictional forces.’
    • ‘To set the objects on the table into motion, the horizontal force acting upon them in this case is the frictional force between them and the table cloth.’
    • ‘Neither the normal stress nor the frictional shear stress acting on the cone tip surface is uniformly distributed.’
    • ‘‘Most swimsuits have tried to reduce frictional drag,’ Professor Pendergast said.’
    • ‘Normally, the hull stays down in the water, with the frictional drag greatly limiting the speed of the boat.’