Definition of Friar Minor in English:

Friar Minor


  • A Franciscan friar.

    • ‘The founders of the orders used the term friar to designate members; Saint Francis of Assisi called his followers Friars Minor, and Saint Dominic used the name Friars Preachers.’
    • ‘The Greyfriars, or Friars Minor, were established in Ipswich early in the reign of Edward I; in 1284 townsman Robert de Orford bequeathed them a small sum of money.’
    • ‘Manuel, my son, your request to be a Friar Minor has been accepted.’
    • ‘A similar testimony is given by Felix Faber in 1483 who states that ‘the keys of the sweet Sepulchre are in the hands of the Friar Minor and they open it and close to whom they want and in it they celebrate Masses when they want’.’
    • ‘We may presume that the house and grounds of the Friars Minor could be entered from somewhere along it via the gate.’
    • ‘Thus according to his habit he would be a monk of that other order, but in his heart he would still be a Friar Minor.’
    • ‘And when he had walked on a bit, St. Francis called him again, saying: ‘Brother Leo, even if a Friar Minor gives sight to the blind, heals the paralyzed, drives out devils, gives hearing back to the deaf, makes the lame walk, and restores speech to the dumb, and what is still more, brings back to life a man who has been dead four days, write that perfect joy is not in that.’’
    • ‘In January 1293 the same archbishop licensed the warden of the Friars Minor of Nottingham to absolve persons who had been guilty of violence against clerks.’
    • ‘Moreover, the Poor Ladies lived close to the cities, and seemingly in close collaboration with the apostolic work of the Friars Minor.’
    • ‘When he was asked about his state, he declared he was a Friar Minor.’
    • ‘Nowadays, it is often forgotten that without the Friars Minor the Tridentine Rite may have passed away centuries ago.’
    • ‘Louis outstripped his brothers both in holiness and learning, and, during a severe illness, made the vow to become a Friar Minor.’
    • ‘Dressed in the brown robe of the Friar Minor, this great Franciscan is pictured in bold relief surrounded by the three Seminaries that were built in Catskill, one after another, for the formation of our boys studying for the Franciscan priesthood.’


So named because the Franciscans regarded themselves of humbler rank than members of other orders.