Definition of fretwork in English:



mass noun
  • Ornamental design in wood, typically openwork, done with a fretsaw.

    • ‘Many of the surviving fretwork clock cases have a ‘Gothic’ architectural appeal.’
    • ‘He is now ready to produce works of art, fretwork, toys, or special assignments.’
    • ‘Although it appears that Ransom made Moorish fretwork from 1885 to 1898, his furniture work was apparently limited and concentrated toward the end of his active period.’
    • ‘Less than a week later, Sam received another commission from the same gentleman; this time, to fix the pierced wooden fretwork of his grand piano, which had somehow sustained damage.’
    • ‘And traditional Indian fretwork has been given a modern twist; while the technique used to create it is centuries old, Saini's bold geometric designs are wholly contemporary.’
    • ‘Standing in gardens of bougainvillea and hibiscus, they are made of white wood, with shutters painted green or red, and verandas decorated with intricate gingerbread fretwork.’
    • ‘He has studied stained glass, ceramics and fretwork and also model making, affording tuition in the latter to children of the Ball Project at the Old Manor during 1998.’
    • ‘If you are already doing fretwork you should see if you can pick up any new tips here.’
    • ‘The classic Guyanese house is constructed of wood and raised on stilts, painted white and decorated with intricate fretwork.’
    • ‘Over the years I have had consistent problems with one company because the guy that does the fretwork answers the phone.’
    • ‘Much of the ceiling is fretwork, and fresco par-excellence, in gilded gold.’
    • ‘Joiners made fretwork by cutting away part of the wood to form a regular pattern.’
    • ‘British influence, with wooden jalousies, wide porches, and patterned railings and fretwork, dominated urban architecture in the colonial period.’
    • ‘The distinctive open fretwork pediment of the mahogany case is associated with clocks made in or near Roxbury, Massachusetts, in the Federal period.’
    • ‘The rest of the furniture included a commode, two small pairs of open china cabinets, eight fretwork armchairs, four side chairs, and a pier glass.’
    • ‘Gifted with his hands, he has many wonderful pieces of fretwork to his name - this skill runs in his family.’
    • ‘The restaurant has a ‘Thai’ character, with wooden fretwork walls and bamboo predominating, and even a small waterfall in one corner.’
    • ‘At either end of the sofa there was a comfortable back rest, but the middle was comprised entirely of open, carved fretwork, which would be near impossible to lean against.’
    • ‘There will also be a show of local crafts including fretwork, crystal glass, embroidery, dancing costumes, placemats, potted plants, flowers, and taxidermy.’
    • ‘Most buildings are small-scale, ranging from Victorian wood and stone townhouses with large verandas and fretwork to newer, more hurricane-resistant concrete structures.’
    grid, latticework, open framework, openwork, trellis, trelliswork, network, mesh, web, webbing, netting, net, tracery, interlacing, reticulation, reticulum, grate, grating, grille, grillwork, criss-cross, matrix
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