Definition of freshwater people in English:

freshwater people

plural noun

  • Aboriginal people from areas near inland watercourses.

    ‘his family roots are with the freshwater people of central New South Wales’
    • ‘Freshwater people who lived along river systems differed from those whose territory crossed forests.’
    • ‘They are freshwater people and share the region known as the Stone Country in western Arnhem Land with neighbouring language groups.’
    • ‘Freshwater people were the tribes living on the coastal rivers, whereas the Undumbi or saltwater people lived along the coastline and off the mainland.’
    • ‘Being freshwater people they are skilled in catching animals in the billabong.’
    • ‘His mother's tribe were freshwater people.’
    • ‘There's a whole lot of difference between saltwater people and freshwater people.’
    • ‘The Gupapuyngu clan are "top of the river" freshwater people.’
    • ‘The neighbouring Garrwa see themselves as inland freshwater people.’
    • ‘One of our freshwater people made signs that we wanted some water.’
    • ‘To give the two groups their correct distinction, one is a freshwater people, known locally as bush people, the others being saltwater people.’