Definition of freshness in English:



mass noun
  • 1(with reference to food) the state of being recently made or obtained or not having decayed.

    ‘the restaurant's selling point is the freshness of its ingredients’
    • ‘Freshness demands that you get your products to customers immediately.’
    • ‘This ensures the freshness of the juice, which is not refrigerated.’
    • ‘The bars are made by processing pears into puree and concentrate to capture their freshness and flavor.’
    • ‘Not only do they get freshness that they can't find anywhere else, they can't find the variety, either.’
    • ‘Each package carries a freshness guarantee with a boldly stamped expiration date.’
    • ‘Today, properly refrigerated yogurt maintains freshness for many days.’
    • ‘The cooperative claims this freshness gives its products a special flavor.’
    • ‘These same UV rays destroy the freshness that gives milk its great taste.’
    • ‘Variety and freshness are also virtues of farmers' markets.’
    • ‘The survey found freshness was one of the most important product attributes to beef consumers.’
  • 2The quality of being pleasantly new or different.

    ‘he brings freshness to a familiar story’
    ‘the commentary should display freshness of insight’
    • ‘Of course, like any sequel, some of the freshness has disappeared with the passing years.’
    • ‘What similarities there are lie in the sense of freshness and newness.’
    • ‘We felt her work conveyed freshness and ingenuity, and the works she's created for the show celebrate all that we love about New York.’
    • ‘The gallery director hopes to bring freshness to the art world by introducing some of his new painters in February.’
    • ‘The freshness and originality that individual collectors bring to a museum is a quality that is especially valuable.’
    • ‘Consulting and sabbatical leaves can bring new skills and freshness to teaching, research, and service programs.’
    • ‘It was a varied show, not necessarily grouped thematically, but this was a quality which gave it its freshness, showcasing each artist's work as a separate experience.’
    • ‘The script's shortcomings aren't enough to completely sink the premise's freshness.’
    • ‘The developers were attracted to the quality and freshness of the European-design work.’
    • ‘He harks back to his earlier manner, and captures all the awe and freshness of seeing a view for the first time.’
    1. 2.1 The state of being recently created or experienced and not faded or impaired.
      ‘the freshness of the memory’
      • ‘His short reminiscence was written immediately after his return in 1810 and retains the freshness of his memory.’
      • ‘The freshness of the telling and the captivating allure of the poetic text will put this on your list of books to be shared, and soon.’
      • ‘The price of the debt is often driven by the freshness of the account data, whether or not there are applications and original documents available.’
      • ‘The longer the time elapsed, the less likely that the informant has retained freshness of recollection or can offer new information.’
      • ‘As each day passes, the freshness of the memories are fading.’
      • ‘Perhaps it was the freshness of her memories, or the part of him that seemed to stay within her, ever since they met at the well.’
      • ‘There is nothing the matter with the freshness of the account and her unceasing love for Kierkegaard.’
      • ‘Occasionally we'll do a mailing, but we like the freshness of being able to move it out electronically, especially to people we're seeing soon.’
      • ‘The longing for things past is quelled by the freshness of the moment.’
      • ‘I like this POW book because of the freshness of the account—although it was first published in 1999, the colonel wrote his memoirs in 1949.’
    2. 2.2 The quality of being attractively youthful and unspoilt.
      ‘he has the enthusiasm and freshness of youth’
      • ‘I perceived a real feeling of health, strength, and freshness of youth, happiness and joy of life, repose and peace of the soul.’
      • ‘She has retained the freshness of face that was there at her debut recital, which was reflected in her enthusiasm, both being complementary to each other.’
      • ‘The freshness, the temperament, the will of a baby a few months old!’
      • ‘Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.’
      • ‘A new year has sprung with all the vigor and freshness of youth.’
      • ‘It is our newness, our wholesomeness—the freshness of youth—which makes us able to look ahead even when there seems to be nothing to look forward to.’
      • ‘Our spa facials will leave you with clean skin that glows with the freshness of youth.’
      • ‘All ages are welcome, bringing the freshness of youth, and the experience of the elders.’
      • ‘I would like to recapture that freshness of vision which is characteristic of extreme youth when all the world is new to it.’
      • ‘All the hype of the buildup convinced them that the freshness of youth would sweep away cobwebs of doubt.’
  • 3Energy and vigour.

    ‘his freshness, passion, and focus got him cast in leading roles’
    • ‘It’s true I would have preferred more physical freshness in the second half, but football is played with a certain mentality—they protected the lead and won the match.’
    • ‘This production is not the work of one's dreams, but it has a freshness and gaiety that puts many other musicals to shame.’
    • ‘Her mood changed from one of weary dejection to one of vigorous freshness.’
    • ‘He is now 74 years old, though his age bears no relation to his fitness and his freshness.’
    • ‘They bring freshness, immediacy, and spontaneity to Wilde's faintly arthritic society drama, which opened 110 years ago.’
    • ‘His prison sentence seems to have given him a new freshness—he is now doing his best to stay out of trouble and let his football do the talking.’
    • ‘He's got that freshness about him, that eager movement and the urge to go forward.’
    • ‘There is an energetic freshness to this orchestral music that will resonate with those already familiar with Copland’s works.’
    • ‘It has the musical scope of somebody in their early twenties, but the freshness and spunk of a teenager, which is quite remarkable.’
    • ‘He was told to change his training program to ensure maximum freshness and fitness for this series.’
    1. 3.1 Brightness or healthiness of complexion or appearance.
      ‘she has retained the freshness of face that was there at her debut’
      ‘the frescoes still retain their freshness and colour’
      • ‘He described a group of young women whose freshness is a sign of health and well-being, breast-feeding beautiful children, rocking them to sleep singing a lullaby.’
      • ‘Skin freshness tips for your fifties are here.’
      • ‘If you are looking for the fastest way to restore freshness and vitality to your skin, all you need is a cube of ice and a piece of clean cloth.’
      • ‘The annual nasturtium Tropaeolum majus growing in rich soil will swamp a border if you are not careful, but when controlled it has an incredible freshness.’
      • ‘This 10-minute mask gives an invigorating glow of freshness to lifeless sallow skin.’
      • ‘Keep the freshness and vitality of your skin in the winter.’
      • ‘Here you will find some masks for freshness and lighter pores.’
      • ‘Tomato is also a great tonic for skin freshness.’
      • ‘Diet can play a major role in imparting glow and freshness to your skin.’
      • ‘Toners are applied in order to remove the dirt and give freshness to the skin.’
  • 4(with reference to wind) the quality of being cool and fairly strong.

    ‘the freshness of the wind with its cooling air’
    • ‘Depending on your location, the freshness of the wind and fertile earth can help you connect on a deeper level with nature.’
    • ‘Not only do they feel the wind's freshness, but they actually experience a myriad of sensations through their olfactory receptors.’
    • ‘While you’re crossing this beautiful site, you’re sharing the place with the iguanas, the freshness of the wind, and the magical sounds of the crashing waves.’
    • ‘The moon’s brightness and the wind’s freshness provide the setting for peaceful thought, far from the cares of the city.’
    • ‘The wind's freshness was warming my frozen body and cooling my heated eyes.’
    • ‘It represents my own beginning in creation—soft flowers, lingering freshness of the wind, modern but also elegant.’
    • ‘This great annual event is as old as the town itself, popping up each year with the freshness of a spring breeze and never seeming to age.’
    • ‘Nature's peace, storm's energy, Wind's freshness, will flow in you Like sun in tall trees.’
    • ‘She shut her eyes, enjoying the pleasure of wind's freshness and the warm air around her.’
    • ‘The vastness of the sky, the freshness of the wind, the unending motion of the sea. .. a million worlds away from concrete jungles and high-tech lifestyles.’
    1. 4.1 The quality of being pleasantly clean and cool.
      ‘the minty freshness of toothpaste’
      • ‘The owner managed to create such a soothing little sanctuary of outdoorsy freshness with so few touches.’
      • ‘White, in this season, is a color of newness, of freshness.’
      • ‘It made me wonder how they were able to control it—the air and its freshness.’
      • ‘The emphasis in the advertising was on overall cleanliness, freshness, and smelling nice.’
      • ‘Add one quarter cup of baking soda to your washer for additional freshness.’
      • ‘Usually at this time of year, we'd be enjoying the bleak weather for its freshness and clarity.’
      • ‘Yet we do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water.’
      • ‘Silky and satiny in the mouth, and bursting with freshness and a finish that lingers on.’
      • ‘You can close your eyes and feel the coolness of the water against your face, smell the freshness through your nostrils, and hear the magic of Mother Nature at work.’
      • ‘Dogs, cats, birds, people—all of us live for the freshness that pervades the hill around midnight.’