Definition of freshman in English:



  • 1A first-year student at university.

    ‘we invited the freshmen’
    • ‘While on the mend, the former freshman sued the university for not warning residents of the perilous nature of upper-story windows.’
    • ‘More resources were put into freshmen year courses and universities developed freshman ‘learning community’ programs.’
    • ‘Like their current national peers, ISU freshmen selected their university or college based on its academic reputation and the potential for landing good jobs when they graduate.’
    • ‘Why are most of the victims physically weak such as university freshmen or sophomores or female students?’
    • ‘As is the case at most universities, freshmen are not permitted to bring their cars during the first semester.’
    • ‘She is currently enrolled at California State University Fullerton as a freshman in the Honors Program.’
    • ‘He was a freshman at Tokyo Gakugei University when he disappeared.’
    • ‘Eric is eighteen and is a freshman at the University of Washington.’
    • ‘During the second semester of the freshman art-introduction course at our school, we offer a unit in printmaking.’
    • ‘Fall 2001 enrollment includes 4,654 freshmen, the highest freshman enrollment in the university's history.’
    • ‘The 91,000 freshmen in four-year universities constituted 24 percent of the number of 18-year-olds in the country, 373,000.’
    • ‘When Arizona State University's freshmen begin to navigate college life this fall, about 35 of them will get extra support from their parents.’
    • ‘The university has focused on freshmen because it loses about 25 percent of its students after the first year.’
    • ‘University of Arizona freshmen and 1996 Olympic teammates Amanda Beard and Beth Botsford set American records in December at the Texas Invitational Swim Meet.’
    • ‘The teaching of science subjects to secondary school students and college and university freshmen is often regarded as a difficult task.’
    • ‘However, new records were set there in 2004 for total freshmen enrollment and overall university enrollment.’
    • ‘All full-time undergraduates who qualify financially are eligible, whether they entered the University as freshmen or transfer students.’
    • ‘I'm interested in retaining students, especially the freshmen and sophomores.’
    • ‘There's no mistaking the immediate effect the freshman had on the University of Arizona program, however.’
    • ‘Minority students make up just over half of new freshmen at the University of New Mexico for the first time in the school's history.’
    first-year student, undergraduate
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    1. 1.1North American A first-year student at high school.
      • ‘The group of high school freshmen sat in the living room, eyes wide as they watched a gruesome scene being played through on the wide screen TV.’
      • ‘Still, those four years make up only half the lifespan for the seemingly young band, who started performing as high school freshmen.’
      • ‘They were in their last year of junior high and getting ready to move onto high school as freshmen.’
      • ‘Mr. Mitchell had just begun to make his changes when Kirby and her friends entered the high school as freshmen.’
      • ‘She was named class advisor for both seniors and freshmen at Saltsburg High School.’
      • ‘When he was discharged in September 1945, he returned home and entered high school as a freshman.’
      • ‘As high school freshmen, my friends and I experimented with booze the hard way.’
      • ‘Ross and Caroline Denton met when they were freshmen in high school.’
      • ‘She and her four siblings attended parochial school until Mary Margaret was a freshman in high school.’
      • ‘We were now high school freshmen, but virtually nothing changed.’
      • ‘I'd be on the set and I'd look around, and I would be back in 1976, a freshman in high school again.’
      • ‘It was their first day of school as freshmen at Ridgewood High School.’
      • ‘Jean and Fernando joined the organization as high school freshmen, and after three years they have a sense of perspective.’
      • ‘Among high school freshmen, 41 percent of girls drink compared to 40 percent of boys.’
      • ‘The two girls were high school freshmen who had been friends since birth, and knew each other so well that they were practically twins.’
      • ‘He would have been a senior when she was a freshman at the high school.’
      • ‘Of course, I was probably only a freshman in high school at the time.’
      • ‘At lunch that day, they sat together in the cafeteria; same as they had done every day since Abby was a freshman in high school.’
      • ‘See, it's mostly about her and it's a memoir of her life when she was a freshman and sophomore in high school.’
      • ‘When we were freshmen in high school we hung out so much that people joked that we were dating, not knowing that Evan was actually gay.’