Definition of freshen something up in English:

freshen something up

phrasal verb

  • Make something look newer or more attractive.

    ‘you can freshen up a tired sofa by draping it with interesting fabric’
    • ‘It does seem to have freshened things up a little but it's still going to be a really oppressive day in the office.’
    • ‘It never hurts to go through the toy box, too - wipe it down and freshen it up with some natural room spray, ziplock each toy, and make it look tidy and inviting for the next caller.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The original logo featured a miserable grizzly old bear and we wanted to freshen it up and give it more of a Yorkshire flavour, so we gave him a flat cap and scarf.’’
    • ‘We need a more extensive range of shops to freshen the place up.’
    • ‘They felt it needed a new coat of paint to freshen it up.’