Definition of fresh-run in English:



  • (of a migratory fish, especially a salmon) newly arrived in fresh water from the sea in order to spawn.

    • ‘Water levels are perfect for flyfishing, and anglers are having fantastic sport with fresh-run grilse.’
    • ‘It is the fresh-run silver ‘springer’ that attracts the angler in the early weeks of the season - a salmon straight in from the sea, as fit and hard as any athlete, and a highly-desirable sporting quarry.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine anything more fun than fighting a big fresh-run salmon on light tackle in a river small enough to cast across!’
    • ‘Operating on a more meagre budget, though, I can thoroughly recommend the day ticket, which can offer tremendous sport with fresh-run springers throughout the months of May and June.’
    • ‘John Joyce, Galway, fished the Derryclare Butts where he landed a nice 6.5 pound fresh-run grilse, taken on an Apache Shrimp fly.’
    • ‘Every one was a double-figure specimen, and every one was a fresh-run sea trout.’
    • ‘Much like salmon, steelhead do colour up the longer they're in the river: the really silver fish tend to be fresh-run, just in from the sea.’
    • ‘They use a jet boat to reach fresh-run coho salmon in a remote river.’
    • ‘Be prepared to fish hard in bad weather over several days - with luck you will land a fresh-run springer.’
    • ‘A better option is to work the dark water behind the beds or the deeper runs for drop-back or fresh-run fish.’
    • ‘Opening day on the Tay saw a massive 28 pound fresh-run fish captured by one lucky boat angler on the loch and a 17 pound fish caught in the Dunkeld area.’
    • ‘A fresh run of smaller fish and a sprinkling of fresh-run big fish liven things up in September.’
    • ‘At last, after some twenty-five minutes, a stunning fish was beached: a fresh-run female steelhead of some fourteen or fifteen pounds.’