Definition of frequent flyer in English:

frequent flyer

(also frequent flier)


  • A person who regularly travels by plane on commercial flights, especially one who is registered as a member of an incentive scheme for such travellers.

    ‘airlines often give preference to their frequent flyers’
    as modifier ‘we go back and forth and rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles’
    • ‘Limits on eligible seats and competition among frequent fliers for popular destinations often make it so difficult to trade miles for flights that travelers just give up.’
    • ‘Adding more flights for frequent fliers would cost the airlines even more.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the losers are probably those with frequent flier upgrades, though Delta says the most frequent fliers will still get priority on upgrade requests.’
    • ‘Southwest frequent fliers holding a free travel award can claim a free seat on any of the airline's flights that are not sold out.’
    • ‘I am not a member of any airline's frequent flyer program.’
    • ‘Another frequent flier is Lee, the 36-year-old CEO of AirShares Elite, which sells partial-ownership shares of aircraft.’
    • ‘There are certain tips to keep in mind in order to make the best of our frequent flier miles.’
    • ‘Initially, the service is available only for frequent fliers traveling from Sydney to Melbourne on flights before 10 a.m.’
    • ‘And, frequent fliers take heart: Kirby says the two airlines' programs will be virtually integrated ‘from day one.’’
    • ‘The pilot program will be rolled out next for American Airlines' frequent fliers at Boston and Washington's Reagan National by the end of August.’
    • ‘Finnair will let its frequent fliers check in for flights in advance using text messages on handphones next month.’
    • ‘Flyertalk, one of the more popular sites for frequent fliers, has more than 130,000 members.’
    • ‘This is unlikely to change in the short term, particularly for Qantas frequent fliers who want to upgrade on busy routes such as Sydney to London.’
    • ‘I am, and have been for many years, a Delta Medallion frequent flier, and may continue to fly Delta when appropriate.’
    • ‘BOSTON (CBS) - Airlines have won the loyalty of millions of travelers thanks to frequent flyer miles.’
    • ‘The US Department of Transportation plans to quickly set up a program to speed frequent fliers through airport security checkpoints.’
    • ‘Many airlines have started new programs that include upgrades for frequent fliers.’
    • ‘We all know about ‘free’ miles, upgrades, preferential boarding and the other obvious perks of joining a frequent flier program.’
    • ‘I became a Qantas frequent flyer in December 2013, however I am unable to claim the missing points there as my account was not active at that time.’
    • ‘Some frequent fliers eat ginger snaps on the morning of the flight.’