Definition of frequency hopping in English:

frequency hopping


mass nounTelecommunications
  • A method of transmitting radio signals more securely by repeatedly and rapidly changing the transmitter frequency, used to counter inteference, monitoring, etc.

    ‘digital cell phones that use frequency hopping are safe from most commercial scanners’
    • ‘The U.S. military considers a communication link using frequency hopping over 79 channels to be secure.’
    • ‘The use of frequency hopping will ensure effective security and interference immunity, the working group says.’
    • ‘The system employs wideband frequency hopping, coding and data diversity to achieve robustness against hostile jamming.’
    • ‘To achieve robust connections, Bluetooth employs several techniques: frequency hopping, adaptive power control, and short data packets.’
    • ‘The issue here concerns power management in a frequency hopping environment and is a standard feature in every 802.11 access point.’