Definition of freneticism in English:



  • See frenetic

    • ‘The Adagio movement consists of a similar formula, although the bittersweet writing in the first half is broken by an extended solo cadenza that combines sad feelings with dance-like freneticism.’
    • ‘Taking full advantage of improv comedy's inherent freneticism, the five-person group hitched up their pants and plowed through a slew of scenes.’
    • ‘The calmness of the music, too, contrasts with the snapshots of city life, making the potential freneticism of the image seem muted by the accompanying sounds.’
    • ‘Buses have big, loud motors that play havoc with music, especially those nice, gentle classical numbers that ease you from the quiet reassurance of home into the city's rat-race freneticism.’
    • ‘This month begins my annual downhill slide into neurotic freneticism.’