Definition of French twist in English:

French twist


North American
  • A French roll.

    • ‘Her shiny golden hair was swept back in an elegant French twist, revealing her long, delicate, swan-like neck and the diamond earrings that sparkled in her ears.’
    • ‘She was pretty and slender, her sleek reddish-blond hair in a French twist, with high cheekbones accented with a little peach blush and long, dark lashes.’
    • ‘Her beautiful hair was swept up in a French twist, and she had a tasteful amount of makeup on, considering she rarely wore any.’
    • ‘He had forgotten how much he loved her until he saw her again, her beautiful hair up in a French twist with the few stray strands falling down.’
    • ‘She'd considered sweeping her hair up into some pretty French twist or something, but decided against it when she saw the huge hickey on her neck.’
    • ‘I patted at my hair, which I had pulled up into a French twist, and nervously shook out my hands.’
    • ‘Charlie brushed her fingers through her hair, absent-mindedly disturbing the French twist she had so carefully made.’
    • ‘All her hair was pulled back into a tight French twist.’
    • ‘Her practically black hair was pulled into a French twist with a few pieces dangling from her temples and tickling her perfectly outlined cheekbones.’
    • ‘Her hair was put easily into a French twist, and she re-applied her makeup before heading out the door to her car, without a single goodbye to her parents.’
    • ‘I made my way to the bathroom where I fished through piles of hair accessories until I found my giant clip with which I fastened my hair in a French twist.’
    • ‘Despite the bruise, she had her hair up in a simple French twist.’
    • ‘Her elegant blonde hair was tied in a French twist.’
    • ‘In the kitchen, Charlie was putting Maggie's hair up into an attractive French twist.’
    • ‘I'd worn a pair of khaki shorts and a ruby halter-top and hoped that my hair was still tight in its French twist.’
    • ‘Marissa also did her hair in a French twist, then curled the straggling pieces so they framed her face.’
    • ‘Her long golden hair was done up in an elegant French twist, tiny tendrils trailing at her temples and the back of her neck.’
    • ‘The busy New York traffic afforded her the time to put on light makeup and pull her hair back into a neat French twist.’
    • ‘Her hair was in a French twist with a few curls framing her face.’
    • ‘I nodded at my older sister, her long brown hair in a neat French twist, no loose strands to be seen.’


French twist