Definition of French roof in English:

French roof


  • A mansard roof.

    • ‘I love the saddled roof tops, or the French roofs as they are called in Belgium.’
    • ‘Or seen another way, the Chamber of Commerce Building stands as a bridge between the more ‘romantic’ massing of the earlier Merchant's Union Express Office with its French roof and side pavilions and the later ‘rational’ massing and design features of the Field building.’
    • ‘The day has passed when ‘modernizers’ clapped French roofs upon fine old Colonial mansions and adorned their lawns with metal deer.’
    • ‘Many French roofs do not have a felt underlay - as in Britain - to prevent water penetration should a tile slip.’
    • ‘The building then acquired its Neo-Renaissance form with characteristic, ornamented gables sheltering the French roofs of the middle and edge tracts.’
    • ‘Worth noting are the differing roof shapes: the vaulted roof all around over the higher central parts of the building covering the auditorium and the stage, the Saddle roof on the two-storey links between the lateral wings and the French roof on the corner turrets.’
    • ‘It is ornamented by a French roof, bay windows, and plate glass doors, and is in every essential a beautiful place of residence.’
    • ‘Please review the attached project pictures and I think you will see that Patrimony is truly unique and provides the ultimate French roof.’
    • ‘The view from Johnston Terrace and the Castle Esplanade were considered important, and the high French roofs were intended to make a picturesque contribution to the city skyline.’
    • ‘Adjoining the hotel he built a general store, of frame construction, complete with his beloved French roof.’
    • ‘It replaced the drawings of French roofs that Le Muet had inserted in his French edition.’
    • ‘It is not a rooster, or the four cardinal points that we traditionally find perched atop French roofs, but a laced boot.’
    • ‘It was two stories high with a French roof and the rooms had exceptionally high ceilings.’