Definition of French roll in English:

French roll


  • A woman's hairstyle in which the hair is tucked into a vertical roll down the back of the head.

    • ‘Her lips were full and red and her raven hair was pulled up in a French roll of sorts.’
    • ‘He started with a small, tight French roll in the back of the head, leaving most of the locks loose in front and on the sides.’
    • ‘We went inside to the front desk on level 1, and were told to wait on a sofa by the reception-desk girl with hair fastened into a fascinating French roll.’
    • ‘Impulsively she released the French roll and shook her hair out.’
    • ‘He frowned at Alex's French roll, hoping to give her the hint, wishing he could unwind it and see it wavy and wild the way it had been on Sunday evening.’