Definition of French pleat in English:

French pleat


  • 1A French roll.

  • 2A pleat at the top of a curtain consisting of three smaller pleats.

    • ‘From the classic pencil pleat to the artistic and dramatic French pleat and goblet pleat - there is a style to suit your taste and dress your window with flair.’
    • ‘Goblet pleats do not stack as tight as French pleats.’
    • ‘Pencil pleats are made by gathering and sewing the top of the drape into tight, small pleats and French pleats are created in tightly pleated groups of three spaced evenly apart.’
    • ‘Options include French pleats, shirred headings, smocked headings, box pleats and goblet pleats, which give a consistent appearance for a traditional window treatment or serve as an unobtrusive backdrop for room furnishings.’
    • ‘However, remember to keep your window treatments simple, using either French pleats or eyelets.’
    • ‘Headings, most of which are now available ready-made include pencil pleats, French pleats, and box pleats.’


French pleat