Definition of French cricket in English:

French cricket


mass noun
  • An informal game resembling cricket but played with a soft ball which is bowled at the batter's legs.

    • ‘Celebrate the history of this unique park with a programme of arts and culture with musicians, chansons, artisan stalls, French cricket, pétanque demonstrations, storytelling, poetry readings, barbeque, food and wine tasting.’
    • ‘The cricket team sunk to their lowest depths yesterday after losing an impromptu game of French cricket against the hotel staff in the lobby of the Bangalore Marriott.’
    • ‘On Sunday we went to the park to celebrate Jenny's birthday with a picnic and a game of French cricket.’
    • ‘They had formed a solid relationship based on their love of Norton motorcycles, French cricket and total mistrust.’
    • ‘Could you check how our plucky guys and girls are getting on with Olympic rounders, French cricket and bowls?’
    • ‘Bound in fog, menaced by wildlife and cut off from the world, this perfunctory middle-class exercise turns into a carnival of accusations, French cricket and sausages.’
    • ‘The sun came out and we decided we should make the most of our freshly swept, litter free beach, so we had a quick Saturday afternoon sports session of French cricket followed by rugby.’
    • ‘According to Sacha Vierny, the French don't call it French cricket but Turkish Bowls or la Boule Turque, on account of the Turks being known to wear baggy trousers.’


French cricket