Definition of French-speaking in English:



  • 1(of a person) speaking or able to speak French.

    ‘French-speaking Canadians in the province of Quebec’
    ‘Clair wanted a French-speaking assistant editor’
    • ‘The questionnaire was originally written in English and was translated into French by two French-speaking academic researchers.’
    • ‘The most difficult relations are those between the German-speaking majority and the French-speaking minority.’
    • ‘The French-speaking Acadians, however, held onto their own culture.’
    • ‘Quebec has two parallel systems, one of which is specifically for French-speaking, Catholic students.’
    • ‘She grew up with the Indians, who were Catholic and French-speaking, and scandalised her own people by marrying a Mohawk.’
    • ‘Our French-speaking friend insisted that it was not a colloquialism, at least not one that he'd ever heard.’
    • ‘The Walloons, who live in Belgium's southern provinces, are the country's French-speaking inhabitants.’
    • ‘Regional differences exist, with more French-speaking students attending a university.’
    • ‘From 1978 to 1989, the Presidential Guard was overseen by French-speaking mercenaries.’
    • ‘Mary had left Scotland in exile to France at the age of three, returning at 18 - French-speaking - to be Queen of Scotland.’
    1. 1.1 (of a region) in which French is spoken.
      ‘the French-speaking part of Switzerland’
      • ‘in July 1967, Montreal was the largest French-speaking city in the world outside Paris.’
      • ‘Lying at the point where French-speaking west Switzerland meets the German-speaking north-east, Bienne is the largest town involved in Expo.’
      • ‘Young Swiss from the German-speaking region spend time in the French-speaking area in order to learn French.’
      • ‘The Cajuns came to define the culture of the state's southwestern expanse, absorbing the influence of new arrivals from Germany, Ireland, and the French-speaking Caribbean.’
      • ‘But in fact La Vallee is the best ski area in the French-speaking sector.’
      • ‘There are similar schemes, using printed notes, in Senegal and other parts of French-speaking Africa.’
      • ‘Montanaro grew up half a world away, in a small French-speaking town in New England.’
      • ‘Most non-national buyers in the Swiss ski resort market concentrate on the French-speaking cantons.’
      • ‘Brussels itself is a French-speaking town surrounded by Flemish-speakers - unloved and underfunded by provincial Belgians.’
      • ‘Those who can afford it prefer studying abroad in France or in other French-speaking countries like Belgium, Switzerland, and Morocco.’