Definition of freighting in English:



mass noun
  • The action of transporting goods in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft.

    ‘freighting and ranching were enterprises in which they were active’
    as modifier ‘the international freighting market’
    • ‘The freighting firm of Russell, Majors, and Waddell ran the operation.’
    • ‘After 33 years of freighting and Antarctic whaling and 85 years in Scapa Flow, this blockship is a relative marvel of preservation, as John Liddiard reports’
    • ‘The story of Santa Fe Trail wagon making is the story of changes in the wheeled vehicles designed for heavy-duty, long-distance freighting.’
    • ‘This meant involvement in the ownership, chartering or freighting of vessels, and Bevan employed all three methods.’
    • ‘Because they could pull two wagons and a water tender if needed with a two-man crew, they cut desert freighting labor costs by half.’
    • ‘I need a job and freighting is the only thing I really know.’
    • ‘FreightLink CEO Bruce McGowan is confident further shipments will be carried in coming months in what is essentially a trial to see how effective the new freighting is.’
    • ‘At the most practical level, the railroad ameliorated some of the consequences of Mormondom's geographical isolation by lowering shipping costs while raising freighting capacities.’
    • ‘But insurance companies only consider the actual cost of the car when determining premium and not the cost of freighting and other added expenses the dealer may incur.’
    • ‘Fort Benton, the great distribution center, the head of navigation for the vast Montana Territory as well as Canada, was fast losing out to the incoming railroads, which in turn were putting the big freighting outfits out of business.’
    • ‘Prior to the arrival of the railroad, all freighting was done by wagon or pack animal.’
    • ‘In the 1878-1879 freighting season, 9,499 tons of freight arrived, contributing millions of dollars in freight charges to a booming economy.’