Definition of freight yard in English:

freight yard


  • A large railway yard in which freight wagons are organized into trains.

    ‘better fencing and policing is needed around the freight yard’
    • ‘Another precaution includes creation of marked safety zones in freight yards where only remote-controlled engines can operate.’
    • ‘Over the years many proposals for adding to the freight yards or relocating them were considered.’
    • ‘This would mean the closure of the freight yard in Ballina Station and the potential loss of twelve jobs.’
    • ‘Then, when the river was nearly sucked dry, they lined it with railroad tracks and freight yards and dumped industrial waste into its bed.’
    • ‘Over a quarter of a million tons of freight moves from depots to docks, from factories to freight yards.’
    • ‘The train wound its way through freight yards among mazes of tracks that fanned out in curved angles.’
    • ‘Chicago is considering a $1.5 billion plan to untangle its freight yards, through which about one-third of the nation's rail freight passes.’
    • ‘The study will look into moving the freight yard out of the city centre, and possibly relocating it near the Food Park site.’
    • ‘The mine is ringed with smelting plants, freight yards, railroad lines, a power plant and the country's largest battery plant.’
    • ‘He said the proposed residential units would be one-half mile from the proposed freight yard.’