Definition of freight operator in English:

freight operator


  • A company that transports goods in bulk.

    ‘importers and freight operators will have to endure another four days of chaos’
    • ‘The fall in economic activity has been a big dampener and freight operators are not willing to make any new purchases.’
    • ‘It is critical that rail is integrated with the other transport modes so that commuters and freight operators can mix and match their transport options.’
    • ‘Around 36 freight operators regularly operate at the airport.’
    • ‘On 7th November the Minister signalled his intention to allow rail access to private freight operators.’
    • ‘One of Britain's largest freight operators believes that its scheme alone will create between 1,000 and 2,000 jobs.’
    • ‘Fines for transporting illegal immigrants are to be extended to rail freight operators on the Channel Tunnel.’
    • ‘A Royal Mail spokeswoman confirmed that talks had taken place with rail freight operators since autumn last year.’
    • ‘There are fears that if the dispute continues long-term, freight operators may transfer to Holyhead or Liverpool.’
    • ‘Mr Dunn said freight operators were switching from small conventional vessels to ferries.’
    • ‘The vessel has been so successful the existing capacity is not sufficient to meet the increasing demand from freight operators during peak sailings.’