Definition of freezing works in English:

freezing works

plural noun

NZ, Australian
  • treated as singular A place where animals are slaughtered and carcasses frozen, usually for export.

    • ‘After his time in Japan he worked briefly at the Waingawa freezing works, but then began his lifetime work as a builder.’
    • ‘The buildings at Totara which were the first freezing works in New Zealand are preserved as historic buildings and are close to the main south road south of Oamaru.’
    • ‘The banks needed to reduce the number of freezing works operating in New Zealand, and they deliberately chose one company to turn over.’
    • ‘I was stared at by people wearing their work clothes straight from the freezing works.’
    • ‘The highway at Mataura was dominated on one side by the freezing works, which seemed to go on forever.’