Definition of freezing mixture in English:

freezing mixture


  • A mixture of two or more substances (e.g. ice water and salt, or dry ice and alcohol) which can be used to produce temperatures below the freezing point of water.

    • ‘According to Schimmel's Report, eucalyptus oil is also rich in eucalyptol, solidifying when put into a freezing mixture.’
    • ‘Ice can be used in freezing mixtures to produce temperatures well below the normal melting point of ice.’
    • ‘The first four tracts are sequels to his Experimental history of cold; they describe experiments on the expansive force of freezing water and various freezing mixtures measured with spirit thermometers.’
    • ‘Pour off the liquid, melt the benzene, and place the flask again in the freezing mixture, and let it stay until the benzene is solid.’
    • ‘In the 18th century, Richard Watson and Charles Blagden independently discovered a linear relationship between concentration and minimum temperature for several freezing mixtures.’
    • ‘There was no communication between the tray containing the freezing mixture and the inner compartment containing the body.’
    • ‘Ammonium nitrate is used today in laughing gases, freezing mixtures, explosives and fertilizers.’
    • ‘Nitrates can be used in the manufacture of glass, nitrites, nitrous oxide, explosives, matches, freezing mixtures and special cements.’
    • ‘Since benzene forms the largest constituent of the oil, it was thought that immersion of the oil in a freezing mixture might induce separation of crude benzene crystals.’
    • ‘With the motor running, begin building the freezing mixture by pouring 1 cup of the cold water into the ice bucket.’
    • ‘It is compatible with a wide range of freezing mixtures.’