Definition of freeride in English:



  • A type of snowboard designed for all-round use on and off piste.

    • ‘Most modern freeride boards are getting to be just as wide as the freestyle models, but with a more directional shape designed for going forwards.’
    • ‘It is a true conventional freeride board and will appeal to all but the expert sailor.’
    • ‘Slalom boards are essentially competition freeride boards in that they too are for fast straight line sailing, but tweaked to offer maximum speed, at the loss of some user-friendliness.’
    • ‘The freeride board for women: with its specially studied sides, this board will certainly become a reference for the women high range.’
    • ‘They're a little shorter and softer-flexing than freeride boards, but have a similar shape.’
    • ‘The flex of freeride boards is still fairly soft, yet stiffer than a freestyle board.’
    • ‘Freestyle boards are typically shorter, more flexible, and more symmetric than freeride boards.’
    • ‘Last season at this time, freeride boards accounted for 38% of all snowboard dollars; this season just 32%.’
    • ‘Here's a warning - Even the ‘strongest formula board on the market’ will be pretty fragile compared to a freeride board because they are built as light as possible for elite racing.’
    • ‘We are always doing some freeride together, looking for new lines, jumps and he is very good at that.’
    • ‘This new freeride board is reminding me a lot of other inferior boards out there.’
    • ‘It is meant to be a freeride board, it performs in the park and pipe alright, but it is meant for carving and sticking pretty tight jumps.’
    • ‘A carving board is much like a freeride board, but stiffer all around and typically a much shorter tail.’
    • ‘Once you jump out, you'll be able to select a number of game types by boarding down the mountain and turning off at appropriate points - on offer are modes such as freestyle, half-pipe, race and freeride.’
    • ‘Do you think that more women will get into the freeride scene, like a women's category at the slope style events?’
    • ‘They may have a square or diagonal cut at the tail, they'll be thinner than freeride boards and will likely have plate bindings attached to them.’
    • ‘A freeride board bridges the disciplines and is thereby the more versatile design of snowboard.’
    • ‘To choose a freeride board construction and size right for you, consider your experience, performance target and budget.’
    • ‘Freestyle and freeride boards are the most versatile, best for those who like to ride all over the mountain.’


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  • Ride on a freeride snowboard.

    ‘the vast majority of snowboarders choose to freeride’
    • ‘In the wilderness, freeriding is analogous to extreme skiing.’
    • ‘Then he starts to talk about freeriding, half pipes and barrel bonks and I'm completely lost.’
    • ‘In four more long runs-all we could fit in a day-we freerode nothing but knee-deep powder.’
    • ‘This is ideal for freeriding, heading to the trails, riding to the local downhill or the hike to school/college and beyond.’
    • ‘The current rage of freeriding and urban assault mountain biking has produced a gamut of videos documenting the latest and greatest feats.’
    • ‘But if you like freeriding, you can go on discovering them for your lifetime!’
    • ‘I've been in snowboard parks and in the pipe but in Chamonix it's more about freeriding.’
    • ‘So, we just freerode with some friends for a few hours and went home to relax.’
    • ‘These events give individuals the chance to express themselves through their freestyle maneuvers and freeride techniques.’
    • ‘More recently he has expanded into the freeriding and big mountain realms and has been quite successful.’
    • ‘He stuck with it for a year, entering whatever races he could squeeze into his work schedule, until footage from one particular freeride video shoot appeared in that commercial.’
    • ‘Along with snowboards and snowblades the latest skis lead the freeriding movement, said by supporters to be an entirely new approach to skiing.’
    • ‘Snowboarding divides itself into two main camps: freeriding and freestyle.’
    • ‘Although she used to compete in the half-pipe, the Burton rider has turned her full attention to freeriding, where she outruns avalanches and cracking cornices.’
    • ‘My favorite type of exposure on myself would be doing things I like to do which is freeriding.’