Definition of freely in English:



  • 1Not under the control of another; as one wishes:

    ‘I roamed freely’
    • ‘Once able to roam freely from Syria and through Asia into China, today the Asian elephant is a critically endangered species.’
    • ‘During the daytime it was under government control, but during the night the rebel bandits roamed freely through the countryside.’
    • ‘On learning that the slain statesman never had a grave, he unearthed a bit of Congolese lore which said that the spirits of people who were not properly buried continued to roam freely.’
    • ‘As part of the new Countryside and Rights of Way Act, draft maps have been prepared identifying so-called ‘open access’ land where walkers can roam freely.’
    • ‘In the services field, the EU secured the right in June for foreign firms to choose their China joint venture partners freely.’
    • ‘She knows that despite the challenges facing the blind who wish to walk freely in the world, the benefits of living life fully make it all worthwhile.’
    • ‘Chickens roam freely between beds of flowers and vegetables.’
    • ‘He said all dog owners must ensure that their pets are under full control at all times, and are not allowed roam freely in the countryside where they can inflict horrific damage on a sheep flock.’
    • ‘In a trance, the imagination can travel freely where it wishes, turning up truths obscured by a pedestrian reality.’
    • ‘The Petaluma City Council passed an ordinance to ban stray cats from certain locations, notably city parks, while allowing them to roam freely in the rest of the city.’
    • ‘Heritage turkeys are allowed to roam freely in pastures and forage for food naturally.’
    • ‘Conservative believers in individual liberty and personal autonomy should allow citizens to freely choose a life partner whether gay or straight.’
    • ‘To top it, the media presented still pictures and video clips from the former chief minister's time showing policemen freely roaming around in the shrine complex.’
    • ‘They're not roaming around freely like they were.’
    • ‘A horse's movement and gait is completely different depending on whether it's cantering freely or under the control of a rider using a bridle.’
    • ‘Their white lions and tigers roam freely around the house.’
    • ‘My mind can roam freely, questioning what I choose, focusing how I wish, and walking paths that are unacceptable in a scientific setting.’
    • ‘Despite the recent publicity on stray dogs and the damage done locally to sheep there are still dogs freely roaming the area, especially at night.’
    • ‘If he cares so much for the ‘strong hopes’ of the Taiwanese people, he should respect their wish to choose freely in a referendum.’
    • ‘But being able to think freely what you wish is freedom, and I respect that.’
    1. 1.1 Without restriction or interference:
      ‘air can freely circulate’
      • ‘If this information had been freely available, many investors would not have injected their life's savings into an outfit destined for such unhappy times.’
      • ‘Others ask whether having all scientific information freely available to the public would really serve the public's best interest.’
      • ‘Public matters should be transparent and all information freely available.’
      • ‘Tempur makes mattresses from visco-elastic foam with an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate freely.’
      • ‘As we revealed earlier this month, the dossier was almost entirely compiled from information freely available on the internet.’
      • ‘Open-access publishers charge study authors a printing fee and release the information freely.’
      • ‘The huge flow of freely available information stemming from the work of countless specialists is one of the riches of our culture, and is something of which universities have good cause to be proud.’
      • ‘Essentially, the Bill proposes to make certain information that is freely available offline, unable to be published on the Internet.’
      • ‘Health related information is freely available on the internet, and its use by consumers is accelerating.’
      • ‘Women were encouraged to drink water freely during labor.’
      • ‘Despite the wish of all people to choose a cultural identity freely and to live in dignity, suppression of cultural freedom is widespread around the world.’
      • ‘Corruption occurs when that information is not freely available - cover-up and concealment are necessary for insider trading to flourish.’
      • ‘Such information is freely available in the UK.’
      • ‘Arrange foods so that cold air can circulate freely around them.’
      • ‘She turned to me, the anger in her eyes, no longer controlled, blazing freely.’
      • ‘Had they been available to her freely, and free of charge, from the age of six, would the tragedy have been averted?’
    2. 1.2 Openly and honestly:
      ‘you may speak freely’
      • ‘I hope, therefore, that the arrangements that we have made you will find helpful, and will enable you to feel confident in speaking freely and frankly to us.’
      • ‘One of the great changes that have come over Australia in the last six months is that people do feel able to speak a little more freely and openly about how they feel.’
      • ‘We express our feelings more freely, openly and authentically.’
      • ‘And so, yeah, I mean, I freely and openly talk about him and stuff like that.’
      • ‘‘This is not because only Roma people are being discriminated but because only Roma people talk openly and freely about this’.’
      • ‘You will find that the French will speak more freely and openly to you if you can speak a bit of their language, and believe it or not, the language becomes easier the more you speak it.’
      • ‘There it was, what she had been waiting for all along: a direct invitation to speak freely.’
      • ‘Maluleke assured him that the court offered him more protection than any other place and that it was important he felt able to speak freely and truthfully.’
      • ‘All of the youths in the group spoke freely and openly about their lives and their views about treatment and other encounters with the youth control and social service systems.’
      • ‘People must be given the opportunity to freely express their wishes.’
      • ‘Learning is being able to freely debate issues and not fail simply because you disagree.’
      • ‘But these married couples sincerely love each other and express their emotions freely and openly.’
      • ‘Obviously enough, to find out if something is wrong in the world you've got to be able to discuss - freely and openly - what is happening to you and around you.’
      • ‘Living in a land of religious freedom, it is easy to take for granted the blessing of being able to worship freely and openly.’
      • ‘Once gathered, they are free to speak to one another openly and freely.’
      • ‘She has captured the essence of the lives and stories of the 40 women who spoke so openly and freely to her about the society and events which shaped their lives.’
      • ‘Civilians often forgot that the military does not make policy but carries out the wishes of our freely elected government.’
      openly, candidly, frankly, plainly, matter-of-factly, straightforwardly, directly, explicitly, bluntly, outspokenly, unreservedly, without constraint, without inhibition
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    3. 1.3 Willingly and readily:
      ‘I freely confess to this failing’
      • ‘It is given freely and willingly by New Zealand farmers; it has been like that for 150 years.’
      • ‘Each company had its business plan examined by a team of experts and advice was freely and willingly dispensed.’
      • ‘Renowned for its wide main street, this average-sized rural town in the heart of mid-Ulster has few particular claims to fame, as its web site freely admits.’
      • ‘Like a classic maven he convinces the reader to just trust him, he knows what he's talking about and is willing to freely share his valuable knowledge.’
      • ‘It all seems a far cry from 1994 when he was appointed to the position of group managing director in an industry which he freely admits he knew ‘nothing at all’ about.’
      • ‘Can you understand why people would be concerned about you making those statements, when as you freely admit that you don't have evidence to back them up?’
      • ‘As we have seen, no one has, so far, been willing to freely admit responsibility for those two cases.’
      • ‘I freely admit I'm not a golfer, and maybe that explains it.’
      • ‘It was a clever idea based on the premise that you should always freely and willingly give the press everything they would otherwise find out by themselves anyway - and put your spin on it.’
      • ‘The donor must freely and willingly consent to the procedure having been given sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.’
      • ‘The success of these clubs is due to the extraordinary commitment of effort, energy, time and generosity which a throng of coaches and organizers give willingly and freely.’
      • ‘It is also almost impossible, the staff freely admit, to provide decent conditions here on the remand wing without better resources and investment in the fabric of the prison itself.’
      • ‘There remains in my heart, I freely admit, a small kernel of bitterness which pains me whenever I think of that night.’
      • ‘He freely admits Railtrack had failed to keep a close enough tab on contractors’ work.’
      • ‘Hinduism, like Judaism, accepts those who freely wish to join the faith, but makes no attempt to pull a person out of another religion.’
      • ‘I freely admit that a holiday to a different culture is not for everyone, but surely an article about such a destination should be written by someone who can appreciate this from both perspectives?’
      • ‘Raised in Cork, he began directing plays as a student at the town's university - but freely admits he has always been ‘in denial’ about his love of cinema.’
      • ‘He also freely admits his choice of warriors is ‘whimsical’, and the portraits are there to entertain rather than to sit alongside serious, academic study.’
      • ‘He freely admitted that magic depended on deception and sleight of hand but said: ‘Origami is real magic!’’
      • ‘Michael freely admitted that he had led the life of a hard man up to then, but, from the time I first met him in the 1980s, all I saw was a man who wanted to put his past behind him and live a normal life.’
      voluntarily, willingly, readily
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  • 2In copious or generous amounts:

    ‘she drank freely to keep up her courage’
    • ‘I met him at the official opening of a new dockland wharf where the drinks flowed freely.’
    • ‘Now, let the food and drink flow freely among you good people!’
    • ‘Drinks flowed freely throughout and the Californian table wines were particularly good.’
    • ‘Large numbers of my electorate give generously and freely to community service.’
    • ‘He is the only man I ever met who chain - smoked cigars, and he drank Scotch freely.’
    • ‘According to Buddhist folklore, the Buddha-to-be was born as Prince Vessandorn, a generous man who gave freely to the people.’
    • ‘Richmond Valley is fortunate to have a large number of organisations made up of people who give their services generously and freely to make our community strong.’
    • ‘He drank beer freely and often consumed two quarts daily.’
    • ‘However the copious amount of alcohol flowing freely stemmed any negative thoughts on the day, and everyone had a top time.’
    • ‘A lavish buffet was laid out and of course drinks flowed freely, putting everyone in a happy mood.’
    • ‘He gladly, freely and generously gave his knowledge to others.’
    • ‘She gives freely and generously of her time when it comes to fundraising whether it is bag packing, collecting flags or climbing Knocknarea.’
    • ‘He uncorked a canteen and drank deeply and freely of the water.’
    • ‘The drinks flowed as freely as the conversation and it wasn't long before the tipsy friends were surrounded by a crowd of Blake's equally or more intoxicated friends.’
    • ‘Alcohol flowed freely as drinking games were started.’
    • ‘He has also freely and generously helped young people break into the business.’
    • ‘They drink alcoholic beverages freely, and every household makes its own rice liquor.’
    • ‘The stock had been sold, the money paid and the drink was flowing freely.’
    • ‘Jennifer was bleeding freely; she wished she had thought a little more beforehand.’
    • ‘A homeless shelter that allows residents to freely drink on the premises has opened in Dublin, the first in Ireland.’
    copiously, plentifully, amply, profusely, exuberantly, prolifically, luxuriantly, in profusion, in abundance, in great quantity, in large quantities, in plenty, aplenty, in huge numbers, extensively, everywhere, all over the place
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