Definition of freedman in English:


nounPlural freedmen

  • An emancipated slave.

    • ‘But of all the changes wrought by the war, none was greater than the transition of former slaves to freedmen.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, he was openly disparaging of Jews, and an unapologetic racist with respect to the slaves and freedmen he encountered.’
    • ‘Similarly, some of the richest residents of Rome were imperial freedmen, former slaves of the emperor, who despite their wealth had a lower social status than less wealthy men from old Senatorial families.’
    • ‘Spreading through the plantation system, Protestant Christianity was adopted and adapted by African-American slaves and freedmen and most of their descendants.’
    • ‘Roman society was acutely aware of its own paradoxes: the freedmen and slaves who served the emperors became figures of exceptional power and influence to whom even the grandees had to pay court.’