Definition of freeboard in English:



  • The height of a ship's side between the waterline and the deck.

    ‘his vessels have more freeboard and interior volume than most’
    count noun ‘a low freeboard’
    • ‘For another, the low freeboard of a bass boat could be a lure of the wrong kind when fishing the rivers and billabongs of the Outback.’
    • ‘The torpedo tubes were built into the prow, with a high freeboard providing good protection from the waves.’
    • ‘A proper freeboard is essential for stability.’
    • ‘It was an eight-foot sailing dinghy with high freeboard.’
    • ‘So, what we have here is a leaky, criminally overcrowded boat with minimal freeboard hitting a storm, losing power and wallowing wildly.’
    • ‘The fender function has a certain stabilizing function between two hulls with straight freeboard, but is not satisfactory when used against slanting freeboards or as a fender against quay posts.’
    • ‘The boat particularly shines heading into a chop where her fine entry, high freeboard and rounded chine combine to produce a smooth ride in all but the most extreme conditions.’
    • ‘Bass boats, designed for small lakes and rivers, have very low freeboard.’
    • ‘As he scaled the side he noticed a marked increase in the freeboard - testament to the weight they had just divested.’
    • ‘While it makes little difference in calm waters, in any sort of sea condition other than calm, the more freeboard you have, the better off you are.’
    • ‘It was flush-decked, with a low sheer and a freeboard of no more than six or seven feet, yet that was high enough to make things difficult for a man in the water.’
    • ‘The boat features a full-length keel with attached rudder, relatively low freeboard, a very handsome sheer and a well-proportioned traditional trunk cabin.’
    • ‘This extra weight lowered her freeboard so that she needed dead calm to proceed at speed, otherwise great green seas came aboard and the whole ship was covered in clouds of spray, making gunnery impossible.’
    • ‘Apart from being on the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles offshore, in a punt with very little freeboard, it was straightforward enough, without too much to fear, except when it was time to return to base.’
    • ‘Modifications to the hull included increasing the freeboard amidships and flaring the topsides to widen the beam at the weatherdeck.’
    • ‘In addition, the ironclad had little freeboard, so it was susceptible to being swamped.’
    • ‘These factors account for the reduction in freeboards for tankers envisaged by the new Convention.’
    • ‘The increased keel weight would have an adverse effect on speed, fuel efficiency, rig safety, freeboard, and safe capacity.’
    • ‘There is a safety issue with pontoons - the height of the freeboard can be too high for people in the water to reach up to.’
    • ‘A canoe caught broadside to big waves and without realistic freeboard can be a big problem especially if the canoe isn't a buoyant.’