Definition of free skating in English:

free skating


mass noun
  • The sport of performing variable skating figures to music.

    • ‘She won a couple of medals in invitational competitions in singles, but switched to dance because she always enjoyed dancing, much more than free skating.’
    • ‘These points are then added to the score obtained in the free skating to calculate the total scores and the final results.’
    • ‘Skaters not only now spend more time in free skating training, but there has also been rapid progression in the technical and physiologic demands of free skating programs.’
    • ‘Without question, the most spectacular tricks in free skating are the jumps.’
    • ‘Over the years as skaters began to fill their programs to the brim with triple jumps, the importance of spins in free skating programs went into a period of decline.’
    • ‘Pairs skating combines free skating elements performed in unison by a pair of skaters, with other elements performed together, such as lifts, throw jumps, and coordinated and common-axis spins.’
    • ‘That free skating is dancing on ice, performed to music, is in large part responsible for its popularity, be it in competitions, show and exhibitions, or rock music blaring at your local public session.’
    • ‘They were ranked third in the free skating and moved up to 4th place in the final results.’
    • ‘They executed a perfect free skating programme, played to music from West Side Story.’
    • ‘In the early competition levels, there is only one free skating program, ranging from 1 ½ to 3 minutes.’
    • ‘We had a few errors in our free skating, but overall it was quite good.’
    • ‘For those of us who aren't so picky there was the pairs' free skating on Tuesday night, in which we witnessed arguably the most incredible display of perseverance at this year's Olympics.’
    • ‘While free skating technique has advanced dramatically over the years, the equipment used in skating today is basically the same as the equipment used in decades past.’
    • ‘As in free skating, the optimum patch hollow varies from skater to skater depending on their size, weight and technique.’
    • ‘In the free skating programme, skaters perform an original arrangement of techniques to music of their choice.’
    • ‘She missed her triple flip in both programs and made some other errors in her free skating to finish sixth.’