Definition of free settler in English:

free settler


  • An early settler who was not a convict.

    ‘the settlements were populated in part by convicts and in part by free settlers’
    • ‘The officers and wealthy free settlers were anxious to organise their own entertainments.’
    • ‘The settlements were populated in part by convicts and the attendant military forces, in part by free settlers.’
    • ‘The issue arose whether the Courts of Quarter Sessions were obliged to sit with juries for the trial of free settlers.’
    • ‘Most of the early free settlers were Anglo-Jewish, middle-class immigrants who transposed the English pattern of Jewish practice to Australia.’
    • ‘The convicts had painted such an exciting portrait of life in The Fair Isle of Oz that the first free settlers began rocking up.’
    • ‘We do hear of convicts trying to get rations from the free settlers.’
    • ‘The arrival of free settlers in ever-increasing numbers from the 1820s led to the development of a contested vocabulary.’
    • ‘An alternative was to attract free settlers who would make the island a base for British trade to South America.’
    • ‘South Australia was the only Australian colony to be founded by free settlers.’
    • ‘God's Police were the good and virtuous women who came later when Australian society had developed to the point where it could attract free settlers.’