Definition of free selection in English:

free selection


mass nounAustralian
  • A scheme through which the freehold of rural land suitable for small farming could be acquired on favourable terms.

    ‘immigrants led the fight for free selection’
    • ‘The experiment of free selection was, in some respects, one of the most disastrous they have made.’
    • ‘It was now possible for people with limited capital to establish themselves with a fair chance of success, under the new principle of free selection before survey.’
    • ‘In South Australia and in Queensland, free selection cannot be dismissed as producing human and economic failure.’
    • ‘It it was not till 1869 that Victoria completely adopted the idea of free selection.’
    • ‘In NSW, free selection meant that selectors arrived unannounced on the squatters' runs.’
    • ‘All the other causes of misrule combined were not fraught with so many evil consequences as the law legalising “free selection before survey” over the Crown lands held under pastoral lease.’
    • ‘The state actually encouraged frontier anarchy by allowing the selector under free selection to locate himself unannounced on the pastoralist's run.’
    • ‘The poor were allowed the free selection of Crown land.’
    • ‘The convention resolved that small farmers be allowed the right of free selection.’
    • ‘These land laws came into force in New South Wales in 1861 and in Victoria in 1865, and both claimed to fulfil the cry for free selection.’