Definition of free love in English:

free love


mass noun
  • The idea or practice of having sexual relations according to choice, without being restricted by marriage or long-term relationships.

    • ‘Such a pompous patriarchal prerogative recalls the utopian communes that sprang up in America in the 19th century around the cultish figure of an inspired leader, many of whom gleefully devoted themselves to the practice of free love.’
    • ‘His friendship with Shelley seems to have grown less from their mutual interest in poetry, revolution, and free love than from the simple fact that in Shelley he found, possibly for the only time in his life, an intellectual peer.’
    • ‘He entertains a circle of similarly-situated friends with dinner parties where he regales them with his theories on free love, the inevitability of socialism, and the shape of things to come.’
    • ‘Abstinence was most noticeably absent in the 1960s, when the oral contraceptive pill brought about a sexual revolution and free love for all.’
    • ‘They rejected traditional Jewish as well as bourgeois sexual morality as hypocritical, but, while theoretically in favor of free love, they in fact adopted a socialist form of asceticism.’
    • ‘Curious Indians have traipsed up the hill to gape at the hippies, hoping to see some of the open air free love that once drew busloads of voyeurs to the beaches of Goa.’
    • ‘For some time, Western culture has been in a fever of free love, contraception, and the pill.’
    • ‘Dressed in an elegant suit and displaying a formal, almost aloof, bearing, he seems far removed from the days of free love and gay liberation.’
    • ‘We practice safe sex, not free love, but not chastity either.’
    • ‘Taking up the cause of free love, she embarked on an affair with a playboy doctor.’
    • ‘The '60s ushered in a rebellious new era, as a generation of straight people embraced rock and roll, long hair, tattered clothes, and free love.’
    • ‘Despite Wollstonecraft's misfortunes during the Revolution, Mary was raised with Enlightenment values, which were encouraged by her future husband, and free love advocate, Percy Shelley.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, free love exploded into America's consciousness, with the illustrated manual Joy of Sex laying bare for all to see this strenuously private aspect of adult lives.’
    • ‘According to their detractors, they are heretics, cultists and polygamists, spawned by a twisted prophet preaching a strange brew of Christian compassion and free love.’
    • ‘Together they unceasingly championed women's health, co-education, and free love, in 1854 publishing a detailed critique of marriage.’
    • ‘The drug, taken by academics and drop-outs alike, ushered in free love and highlighted the generation gap between the baby-boomers and their parents like a 150-watt electric kaleidoscope.’
    • ‘I'd heard that it was a science fiction classic, with revolutionary ideas about free love and community.’
    • ‘In 1975 Stockholm, eight young people live in a communal household called ‘Together,’ based on notions of free love and leftist political idealism.’
    • ‘Whereas in the 1970s free love gave women the right to say yes to sex, women are now taking a more individual approach to their lives and are no longer apologetic about saying no.’
    • ‘Duncan challenged conventional mores and politics and preached free love without apology.’


free love