Definition of free enterprise in English:

free enterprise


mass noun
  • An economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.

    • ‘He believes in planning rather than the spontaneous order of markets and free enterprise.’
    • ‘They've managed to do it by bumbling their way through a free enterprise system they haven't fully grasped.’
    • ‘Such intervention has uncomfortably co-existed with notions of free enterprise and market efficiency.’
    • ‘The business community is based on competition and free enterprise.’
    • ‘What remained of the guild system was swept away in the name of free enterprise and repressive legislation choked the beginnings of the trade union movement.’
    • ‘It came across as a victory of state control over private free enterprise.’
    • ‘The bottom line of business in a free enterprise system is money.’
    • ‘The truth is that dramatic as they may be, rail crashes rarely shed light on the true nature of the industry, far less on debate between free enterprise and state control.’
    • ‘The idea of free enterprise is that everyone gets a chance, and no single industry or group of producers enjoys special privileges.’
    • ‘And this government policy-making is exactly the reverse of free enterprise.’
    • ‘Did they want socialism and nationalisation or did they prefer capitalism and free enterprise?’
    • ‘Critics of free enterprise have set their sights on business schools, blaming them for recent corporate scandals.’
    • ‘Protecting the emergence of private markets and free enterprise would be far more beneficial.’
    • ‘It is crucial to understand that the corruption of our banking system has nothing to do with capitalism or free enterprise at all.’
    • ‘He poses as the heroic defender of free enterprise besieged by ‘red’ judges and communist apparatchiks.’
    • ‘That's known in some circles as free enterprise or capitalism.’
    • ‘Indeed, questions of the relationships between liberalism and free enterprise or capitalism have long been debated.’
    • ‘And in the absence of government control of either floor or ceiling prices we have price competition or free enterprise.’
    • ‘Some form of free enterprise capitalist economy and some form of pluralist democracy were clearly called for.’
    • ‘Nor can supporters of the free market dismiss these enduring economic problems, and blame them on a lack of free enterprise.’


free enterprise

/fri ˈɛntəprʌɪz/