Definition of free collective bargaining in English:

free collective bargaining


mass noun
  • Negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment between employers and an organized body of employees, without any government involvement or legal restrictions.

    ‘we uphold the right of all workers to free collective bargaining’
    • ‘Such a mechanism provides a stable and consistent environment in which to conduct meaningful negotiations without the need for annual free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘Throughout the last decade the union has been in the forefront of the campaign to maintain free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘He was never shy of flexing industrial muscle and revelled in being labelled the "champion of free collective bargaining".’
    • ‘The alternative to social partnership is for the unions to lead a real battle for decent pay rises through free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘The collective trade union movement is threatening an abandonment of social partnership and a return to free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘We need a return to free collective bargaining in which workers can use their industrial muscle to force the bosses to pay decent wages.’
    • ‘Roche believes, however, that those who place blind faith in free collective bargaining are in line for an unpleasant surprise.’
    • ‘A few of us battled hard against massed ranks of those claiming that a national minimum wage would destroy the principle of free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘An incomes policy usually sets limits to free collective bargaining between trade unions and employers.’
    • ‘His commitment to free collective bargaining meant that he failed to appreciate the important role that the Ministry of Labour could play in the post-war world.’