Definition of free climb in English:

free climb

verb & noun

  • See free climbing

    • ‘You'll free-climb cave walls and shine your headlamp on bizarre limestone formations like Rainbow Dome and Cathedral Dome.’
    • ‘Along the way we free-climbed a 3 metre cascade until arriving at the first of four pitches requiring a handline. Shortly after the last pitch I spotted daylight - through a very tight squeeze.’
    • ‘We entered the cave and began making our way down the loose boulder slope through Ogden Chamber and through some winding canyon passage until we arrived at some waterfalls which we free-climbed.’
    • ‘The last few metres can be free-climbed, but the rope can be re-belayed to assist.’
    • ‘Pete and Duncan traversed around to the far side of the 5m pitch and free-climbed it, while we took the more prudent option of rigging the drop and descending it in relative safety.’