Definition of free-tailed bat in English:

free-tailed bat


  • A streamlined fast-flying insectivorous bat with a projecting tail, found in tropical and subtropical countries.

    Family Molossidae: several genera and numerous species, including the mastiff bats and hairless bats

    • ‘Over the past decade French has shared her house with a colony of up to 75 Mexican free-tailed bats.’
    • ‘Both are widespread throughout the U.S. except in parts of Texas and Florida, where the Brazilian free-tailed bat reigns.’
    • ‘You have 12 chances in July to witness the only public viewing of Mexican free-tailed bats in Okalahoma.’
    • ‘All free-tailed bats and two noctules reluctant to feed by themselves had to be fed by hand.’
    • ‘From March through April thousands of mostly female, pregnant Mexican free-tailed bats migrate north to give birth.’
    • ‘This large free-tailed bat has large ‘bonnet’ ears that extend beyond the nose when laid forward.’
    • ‘The Brazilian free-tailed bat is one of the most abundant native mammals living in urban areas in Florida.’
    • ‘The gestation period of Brazilian free-tailed bats appears to be slightly in excess of 90 days.’
    • ‘The Brazilian free-tailed bat is a social and highly gregarious bat, even in flight.’
    • ‘About 100 million Mexican free-tailed bats return to Central Texas each year to raise their young.’
    • ‘In summer, female free-tailed bats gather in nursery caves to give birth and rear their single pups.’
    • ‘Because free-tailed bats give birth to only a single pup each year, a population's recovery rate is slow.’
    • ‘The free-tailed bat is so named because the tail protrudes noticeably beyond the membrane that stretches between the tail and hind legs.’
    • ‘Regular field observations at dusk in winter showed that untagged free-tailed bats usually emerged singly from different points on cliff faces, indicating that communal roosting is not the rule during the cold season.’
    • ‘Research indicates that Mexican free-tailed bats have roosted in Carlsbad Caverns for over 5,000 years.’
    • ‘Western pipistrelles and Mexican free-tailed bats have staked their own claim on the chutes and shafts.’
    • ‘In the case of free-tailed bats, these numbers are exhibited vividly most late-summer evenings.’
    • ‘Mexican free-tailed bats live in large caves, bridges, buildings, tunnels, and bat houses all across Texas.’
    • ‘The habitat of the Mexican free-tailed bats differs in various parts of the United States.’
    • ‘Molossids are known as free-tailed bats, because their bony tail extends to the end of a well-developed tail membrane and considerably beyond.’