Definition of free-swimming in English:



  • (of an aquatic animal) not attached to an object or substrate and able to swim freely.

    • ‘A free-swimming roundworm thus looks rather like it is thrashing about aimlessly.’
    • ‘The free-swimming tadpoles produced by sexual reproduction live only a few days, during which time they can be spread by tidal and storm currents to form new colonies.’
    • ‘There are more than a thousand described species of golden algae, most of them free-swimming and unicellular, but there are filamentous and colonial forms.’
    • ‘These are miniature jaw-like structures that come from a free-swimming worm-like animal, actually more closely related to fishes than to any of the other invertebrates.’
    • ‘The eggs of most frogs hatch into aquatic, free-swimming larvae, commonly known as tadpoles.’