Definition of free-standing in English:



  • 1Not attached to or supported by another structure:

    ‘a free-standing cooker’
    • ‘The room reviewed, overlooking a quiet street, boasted matching art deco furniture, including a free-standing wardrobe and a handsome wooden bedstead.’
    • ‘If you're pushing the boat out, the sprawling Penfolds Grange room has its own gym, a two-person shower, twin free-standing baths and its own mini-wine cellar.’
    • ‘I then chose one of the two free-standing feeders.’
    • ‘In general, the stones used for building are those that have sufficient strength and rigidity to support free-standing structures, and are amenable to the technical and organizational resources of the culture wishing to use them.’
    • ‘In the middle of these cramped quarters, he had his main gorilla costume on a mannequin inside a tiny free-standing prison cell.’
    • ‘This was a free-standing sculpture with an oversized, stylized human head supported by a small body.’
    • ‘Furnishings, he says, come mostly from retail fixture sales; the free-standing countertops that cordon off his kitchen area, for example, once displayed clothing.’
    • ‘There are free-standing ones and another which is attached to an ancient barn.’
    • ‘In most home-brew cars, the charger is a separate box located under the hood, or could even be a free-standing unit that is separate from the car.’
    • ‘The family bathroom has a free-standing cast iron bath with shower attachment as well as neutral wall and floor tiling with mosaic detail.’
    • ‘An award-winning Bradford manufacturer of luxury free-standing baths has scooped contracts worth £250,000 to supply some of the Middle East's leading hotels.’
    • ‘Inside the enclosures are thirty-six house foundations, some free-standing, others attached to the perimeter walls.’
    • ‘Here, 21 arches made of blocks of pale Apricena marble break free from the more usual confines of walls to form a series of dramatic free-standing supports.’
    • ‘Our bathroom, with a free-standing bathtub and separate power shower, was fantastic.’
    • ‘Each of the resort's 44 huge over-water villas is a free-standing structure connected by a walkway to a triangular central jetty that juts one hundred metres into the lagoon.’
    • ‘Either could be used to broadcast from a transmitter on top of Toronto's CN Tower, the world's tallest free-standing structure.’
    • ‘It is an exact replica of the fountain in Versailles, just twice as large, and with those measurements it is one of the largest free-standing fountains in the world.’
    • ‘Michelangelo was happy to assist and designed an ambitious, free-standing structure around 34 feet wide and 50 feet high and including 40 life-sized marble statues.’
    • ‘Wall painting can be broadly defined as any painting in which the support is the structure itself - whether a free-standing building, a subterranean tomb, or a rock-cut cave.’
    • ‘For example, to minimize heat losses, the apartment balconies are built as separate free-standing structures that just touch the house instead of being bolted directly onto the building.’
    set apart from, unattached to, not attached to, not joined to, disjoined from
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    1. 1.1 Not relying on or linked to anything else; independent:
      ‘most nursing homes and free-standing therapeutic facilities are investor-owned’
      • ‘It does not, however, appear to me that there is anything in the language of the Act in either version which shows that these are independent and free-standing requirements.’
      • ‘Undercover operations are generally structured in such a way as to create free-standing conspiracies that do not involve the material participation of the informant.’
      • ‘Many nations refused to join, so the court was set up under a free-standing treaty.’
      • ‘Of all previous Black historical associations, this association alone survived to become a national free-standing institution with its own journal and bulletin.’
      • ‘The idea that the bank was going to launch an independent, free-standing internet banking arm was, of course, broadcast very openly by the Allied Irish Banks at the start of the year.’
      • ‘The main features of the Bill are a new National Identity Register of basic personal information, powers to used identity cards both as free-standing cards and linked to the issue of designated identity documents such as passports.’
      • ‘Ambulatory surgery centers are free-standing facilities that require unique qualities and mindsets from the personnel who work there.’
      • ‘New paving, seating, cycle stands, street furniture, telephone kiosks and lighting fixed to buildings rather than the current free-standing fittings will reduce clutter and free space for pedestrian shoppers.’
      • ‘Reference was made to the recent government announcement and it transpired that the future of the Library service will not be decided until next March when it will either stay with education or become a free-standing body.’
      • ‘In addition, it's a free-standing system.’
      • ‘In sum, media reform can and should try to operate as a free-standing social movement.’
      • ‘These fugues, composed precisely during the years when the fugue was being transformed into a free-standing genre, will enhance our understanding of the fugal genre when they are better known.’
      • ‘It was a free-standing independent body whose jurisdiction was dependant on the contractual consent of its members.’
      • ‘As I have already said, in my view, the claimants in private law proceedings cannot rely upon a free-standing application under the Convention.’
      • ‘Looking inward, officers see the army not only as a highly-valued institution but also as a corporate or nearly free-standing entity whose internal coherence and unity they must protect from outsiders.’
      • ‘And his free-standing essays outnumber his movie reviews.’
      • ‘Many of the works are officially untitled, using the non-title to mark their place in a modernist tradition of free-standing, anti-functional art photography.’
      separate, discrete, different, distinct, free-standing, self-contained, complete
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