Definition of Fred Nerk in English:

Fred Nerk


  • A name for a hypothetical anonymous or ordinary person.

    ‘the Government wants to allow Fred Nerk to do your tax’
    • ‘A valuer is instructed to value the property at 123 Smith Street and is told that Fred Nerk, the owner/vendor/manager, is usually there.’
    • ‘Why not vote for Fred Nerk instead?’
    • ‘People had supplied names, but they'd all been Bill Smith or Fred Nerk.’
    • ‘A typical advertisement sets out what people's rights are and says at the end, "Fred Nerk, solicitor".’
    • ‘The money is then paid out in a trust account cheque to Fred Nerk.’
    • ‘The adverts will tell you discerning men use Fred Nerk's Shaving Cream.’
    • ‘This has nothing to do with Fred Nerk or Joe Bloggs or whoever.’
    • ‘A client might come in and say: 'I owe Fred Nerk $30,000.'’
    • ‘It has equal significance for me in Adelaide and Fred Nerk in Darwin.’
    • ‘The political correspondent says he's got the scoop from Fred Nerk, unknown backbencher.’


1960s: from the personal name Fred + nerk.