Definition of freakiness in English:



  • See freaky

    • ‘I'll expand on this later - but understand that freedom of expression and excessive freakiness is one thing that can alienate more mainstream people from getting involved with left-wing causes.’
    • ‘Now, neither my aunt nor my mother (who was also in the dream) live with me in reality but that was just part of the freakiness of the dream.’
    • ‘It loses focus, for sure, but is still worth a look for the unusual stylistic devices and its side-show freakiness..’
    • ‘Both ‘art’ bands, they shared a surface freakiness that masked the underlying gulf between them.’
    • ‘It's really about spreading freakiness out there, and gender play, and all that edginess and campiness, and doing it in a way it is not going to be dismissed because it's so freaky.’